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Important Document Downloads

Accepted File Types

CGS Credit Application - If you would like to set up a line of credit with us, you can download the application by clicking HERE.


You can submit your art to us a few ways,

If the file(s) is under 10MB, it is okay to attach to a standard email.


If it is more than 10MB, you can upload your art to our FTP site, using an FTP client, such as Cyberduck or Filezilla. You will use the login information below to access the FTP Server, and then all you have to do is drag and drop. It's as easy as that.



USERNAME: upload

PASSWORD: $upload99

PORT: 21 (default)


Please followup your upload with an email or phone call to let us know that you have uploaded your artwork for proof and print.


What if I dont have premade art?

No problem! We have a team of talented graphic designers ready to takle the project.


I can't figure out this whole FTP thing...

Give us a call at 419-897-3000, we would be happy to help walk you through the process. If you are more comfortable with fileshare websites such as DropBox, MediaFire, or YouSendIt, you can send us the download link from any of those as well. Or, if you prefer, we can also accept files delivered via HDD, Flash Drive or CD/DVD disc.

AI - Adobe Illustrator up to CS6, with all items EMBEDDED and text OUTLINED


EPS - Adobe Illustrator up to CS6, with all items EMBEDDED and text OUTLINED



PSD - Adobe Photoshop up tp CS6, with all text RASTERIZED or CONVERTED TO SHAPES

INDD - Adobe InDesign up to CS6, with all linked elements included

File Preparation

For the best results, ALL files should be build in CMYK colorspace, blacks should be C=50 M=50 Y=50 K=100 Rich black. If PMS matching is required, build files usine PMS numbers, not 4 color process values. Always supply a proof for color matching. If you are not submitting flattened art, please make sure all text is converted to outlines/shapes, and anything linked is embedded.


Please keep in mind the size and intended viewing distance of the graphic you are having us produce. Giant billboards, building wraps, ect. may only need to be 20 to 50 dpi at full scale and will look great, whereas mall posters, duratrans, ect., may need a higher resolution (75 - 100 dpi) is justified for closer viewing distances.


For banners, you will want to be sure that any important text or images are at least 1" away from an edge getting a hem, or at least 4" away from an edge getting a pole pocket.


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