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We produce custom printed fabric graphics for all occasions! Dye-sublimation printers are used to create custom banners, flags, lightbox graphics, Table Throws, Backdrops and more. Sublimation ink converts from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form, which allows you to apply an image  using heat and pressure. The Ink is embedded into your chosen substrate fibers, allowing the final product to be washed, ironed, steamed, folded and exposed to the elements without a trace of lost image quality.

Lightweight and practical, soft signage is inexpensive to ship and easy to hang providing an alternative to heavier, traditional signage. Photographic quality images with subtle skin tones and extremely vivid colors can be produced. If you are looking for practicality, high quality and ease of transport, a fabric product may be the solution for you!

Looking for something we haven’t listed? Our knowledgeable team and high-tech facility are capable of producing a variety of solutions, just ask!


We have a large selection of fabric to suit every project. Click on the swatch to view the material specs.

Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-135 Tablecloth
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-103 Backlit
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - GF 2328 Satin
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-117 Prime Display
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-104 Soft Knit
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-110 Flag Material
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-216 Nightstar
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-118 Jersey Mesh
Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - ST-7188 DecoTex


Dye Sublimation Fabric Graphics can be cleaned and washed easily and with good results. Successfully cleaning your graphics depends on following the below instructions. Results may vary depending on the contaminant, how dirty the graphics are and what fabric you are cleaning.


Fabric can be spot treated, as with typical laundry. Use mild soap and cold water. Test on a small spot in a less obvious place first.


Fabric graphics can be machine washed in cold on a gentle cycle.


Lay flat or hang to dry. Use a hand or commercial steamer to eliminate any wrinkles or creases.

Fabric Finishing

Custom Printed Fabric Graphics - Finishing

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